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Bronchodilators, Is Clenbuterol the Only One Effective?

G’day fellow users of this site and of possibly more.

The question with a bit of background as to why I ask and did what I did.

The application of Clen in a cycle is to reduce body fat, it’s uses as an actual bronchodilator in bodybuilders is… questionable. Do other bronchodilators have the same effect as Clen?

A year off a decade ago at the age of knowing everything (in this case 14) I was training as an athlete at a sports academy. Working out for 2.5 hrs a day boxing, kick boxing and swimming. The end goal at the year was to work at a beach with 3.5 metre waves.

I had a cold that formed into bronchitis (I am prone to it due to having lung disease as a baby) I was put on a bronchodilator to help clear my system of the swamp that was in my lungs. Also didn’t help that I was a smoker of the herb and tobacco variety… I was a stupid kid okay!

I was taking it in puffer form and I noticed that when I had it before swimming I would gain all this energy (increased oxygen intake) and at my school we had lap day, swimming a certain number of laps. Each time if you went more than 2 laps bellow your PB you were punished (boxing the teacher, wall sits, 100 burpees whatever) and 2 laps above meant that you had to preform at that or above.

So it was a no brainer for my yolo mind, I took this stuff. I preformed better than ever, got shredded at 4% by calipers so maybe 6-8%? I wasn’t big muscle wise but I was already 6ft 2, dem lanky gains.

I feel in a large part it was due to the bronchodilator that I got shredded or maybe just due to the performance increase…

So my question, can you use any bronchodilator as replacement for clen, and if in puffer form how would you dose it?

The answer is not going to be easy as a Yes or No I’m afraid.
First the answer will depend on the type of bronchodilator you’re given. If it’s beta-adrenergic (e.g. albuterol) then yes in therory you could use it that way. You would then need to determine the amount of active compund delivered ‘per puff’ and compare that to the usual dosage of Albuterol required for fat loss to arrive at a number of puffs required. My guess is that you’d be burning through inhalers far faster than any doc would be willing to refill them.
Back in the day when I was in the service we would occasionally apply the same logic to the ephedrine based inhalers as a means to stay alert while on long patrols or days when we ran missions day and night. In the long run we came to the relazation that it was easier to buy a bottle of ephedrine pills at a local truck stop and eat them on the move.

I need to follow-up and finish my thought here.
You will also have to understand the amount of other potentially active components in your inhaler to try to understand the possible effects of larger than intended doses of them to your system as well.
I suspect it will be more trouble than it’s worth for true long term fat loss…maybe as a pre-workout but then I would recommend a simple ECA stack.

Sabutamol, here in Brazil you can find it as Aerolin, is a good replacement for clen. Ephedrine is a very good one too… but sabutamol, in pills 2/ 4mg each is th best. And plus, you get almost (I said ALMOST because clen is more powerfull) as clen. You need to put it in every 4 hours, sabutamol or ephedrine, every 4/5 hours if you want to keep the effect like clen does…

Hummm… and plus… with sabutamol you don’t get the super shakes you get with clen!

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I’ll still get the shakes on my first day of 24mg, but I don’t think it’d ever compare to clen (never done the stuff to compare), and it subsides quickly, unless I chase it with 1mg keto that night.

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Bro, you a father yet?


not yet man… but i’m close, very close… aren’t you seeing my posts about it? Take a look!

Hardcore dose… the max I did was 20mg sabutamol/ day… but man, with sabutamol i don’t need to use keto, the receptors seem to be ok, not even close to clembuterol. With clemb you know when it’s time to UP the dose just by the lack of shakes! Or when it’s time to stop or use some keto…
With sabutamol, I’ve never get the shakes, never… and I could be using it for months, without keto and keeping the fat burning effect!

I’ve ran it for 6 weeks before – definitely not recommended – and the keto was a must. I find myself doing 1mg keto E3D on a 24mg 2 week cycle as I like the feeling that it’s working.

Keto feels like poison to me though. If you’ve ever taken like 200mg+ benadryl to stop a leaky face (eyes, nose), like that, but worse.

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Wow, that’s bad sides… never took keto… even when using clen, I did prefer to stop it for a while than using keto.