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On it since Sept 14/2002, immediately after a keto cycle.Usually after a keto cycle you refill with carbs and water,and this makes you gain weight (for me thats usually 4 to 7 lbs.)Since starting Bromo a month ago, Ive only gained 4 lbs (look fuller,still ripped)and this is after eating whatever I want (pizza/chips/chocolate).I started with 1.25mg a day and increased every second day by the same amount until 5mg.This week im only taking 2.5mg because im trying to gain muscle not lose fat,I think its still working.The first couple of days might be bad (achy muscles from low blood glucose),just eat more carbs.In fact,overconsumption of carbs may be mandidtory.Since I dont beleive in below maintanance calories,the real reason to take Bromo (Leptin/Thyroid) dont apply to me,but the nutrient partitioning effect will,and I think 2.5 instead of 5mg will suit my needs.Hope this helps.