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Bromocriptine Experiment


I'd just like to share my little experimentation with Bromo on here. After reading Lyle McDonald's book called "Bromocriptine"' I was very intrigued in using it during my most recent cut cycle (tren a, prop).

The sides usually hit me at a decent level, but depend on how I take it. Sometimes I took it fasted, other times i had a piece of candy or some other types of carbs, but never noticed a significant difference in side effects. Most days i'll feel lethargic the beginning half of the day and then the feeling fades away.

Whats sucked the most is the congestion I get from the stuff. Although this seems to be a rarer side effect, the damn stuff has me breathing out of my mouth at times! I have noticed that taking 2.5mg instead of 5mg, with some kind of food (ie shake) has made the side effects virtually non-existent.

I've continued its use through my PCT and I must say, this is where I'm seeing the stuff shine. My PCTs have gotten more difficult as my overall time off has decreased and since I've started using tren. However, libido has been much stronger this time around, and I'll even have morning wood some days. I'm feeling MUCH more mentally and emotionally stable through PCT which has been a mix of Nolva and Clomid.

I wish I had time to do this write up in greater detail but hopefully this will get he ball rolling for anyone who has been thinking about using the stuff.

P.S. Ive noticed slight appetite blunting, but not like ephedrine. With bromo, I'll actually have a hunger sensation, but feel full after eating only a little bit of food.