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Bromo/b6/ or Nothing... Simply Cant Decide

I’ve come across so much information on this site and others about running bromo or b6 during a tren cycle. I simply cannot decide which to do. I am going to run:

600mg/wk test cyp
200mg/wk tren e
0.25 mg EOD adex

for my first cycle i ran 400 mg/week test cyp without an AI (for a lack of better judgment) and i had no problems with gyno.

i will be running 0.25 mg EOD of adex this time around. I have an abundance of bromo (2.5mg tabs). I cant decide whether to just take like 200mg/day of b6 and save bromo for a possible flare up, take bromo, or take nothing at all (im told 200mg/wk of tren isnt very much anyway)

I would much rather prevent gyno than have to treat it.

any input would be GREATLY appreciated