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Bromelian as Anti-Inflammatory?


I have a little strain in my back this week and my chiropractor recommended using Bromelian supplements as an alternative to typical NSAID's for the inflammation.

I know that bromelian is in digestive enzyme supplements, but wasn't aware of its anti-inflammatory properties in higher doses.

Has anyone tried bromelian?

Biotest-- Curcumin is derived from tumeric. Bromelian from pineapples. Have you done any research into bromelian?



I don’t know about others at Biotest with regard to bromelain or any work that may be done on it.

The LEF has touted bromelain for the purpose of muscle pain and had studies or at least testimonies on it (can’t recall exactly what.) So I certainly expect it works for some.

For me, it did nothing regardless of dose, but that means nothing as to whether it may or may not help many others.

It is a quite cheap and commonly available supplement. There are no concerns with better or worse extraction methods, and there is a so-far-as-I-know acceptable assay for activity (GDU, or gelatin digestive units) which commonly is listed right on the bottle, so you know how much you’re really getting.

Certainly, why not try it.