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Broken Wrist, Keeping Gains?


Hi, this will be my first post on this awesom site, i'm needing a little help on a diet plan for the next 5/6 weeks while my wrist is in plaster.
I've trained for 4 years but never really measured excactly how much protein, carbs, fat & calories i've been taking, i just try to consume as much as i possibly can which has worked ok for me.
I am now 196lbs, currently in PCT from a verormone, tren, boldenone cycle.

Now that i cannot train, i just gotta know exactly what i've got to eat to keep as much musscle as possible and if any extra supplements might help, ZMA, HMB etc.
If you require any extra info to help me out, please just ask, i'd appriciate all the help i can get.
Thanks guys...



Who says you can't train? Dan John did it with a broken wrist and some novel thinking!



Along w/ following that article dkells1 linked, I'd start taking Carbolin 19 if I were you.


That article was pretty good. I hadn't seen it in a while.

You can get damn strong when injured. It seems that your frustrations have some odd quality that leaps your gains...