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Broken Wrist and Training?


I have a broken wrist (not through weight training!!)

I have an opeartion in a few days and then will be in plaster cast for around 8 weeks, then bandages for another 6. I think the operation will entail metal rods.

Would there be any detrement if I did weight training with one hand only - stuff like one arm dumbell hest press, shoulder press, bent over row/ one hand deadlify etc

Obviously only one side of my body will get trained. Drs think I wont be able to lift any weights for approx 5-6 months.

Is there any risk / damage to me by only trainnig one side?


I did train without my right arm last Oct for 5 weeks to rest my shoulder. But 14 months ago like you i broke a wrist and took a month off.
If you have some weight to loose maybe focus on that to feel like you are improving or abs and lower body and Tabata(maybe goblet squats) or conditioning.
All the best !