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Broken Vessels in Face


Whenever I take a squat in full gear, my face neck and traps get covered in broken capillaries. I was wondering if there was any technique to reduce this, or something I could do to help it heal? My face looks like I've broken out or got a nasty sunburn.


You need to get your air into your belly and not your chest. I get this whenever I lose my air on a squat.


This happens to me when I bench, or squat, or deadlift in gear too. I am messed up for like 2 days afterwards but I am not looking to win any beauty pagents anytime soon.


I get them on my forehead when I deadlift in equipment. Oh well.


I haven't gotten them in a long time due to being unequipped lately (not including power pants) but when I used to squat in some tight ass briefs I would get blown out like crazy.

Not only mentally/physically crushed but my face, neck, and shoulder girdle would be splotchy and my eyes would be bloodshot.

I always thought it was cool though!


You're becoming a man, son.


I get them almost every time I deadlift.


It stopped happening after I went all raw.

It comes with the territory..


I get it almost everytime I am benching in a shirt or squatting in a suit. I hear that going tanning after will help to get it to go away, but I have never tried.


If these blood vessels are bursting in the eyes and face, what's to keep it from happening in the brain? I know my fears are probably unfounded, but maybe someone can help reassure me?


Nothing. We all risk death every time we suit up.

Hope you have good life insurance.


Too many brain cells can fuck up your total, you are better off without them.


You could always just die fat and weak instead. And yes, this can and does happen. And yes, its awesome.


it is my dream to die like this, right after a huge PR, it was WR in the dream though.


You're bursting tiny little capillaries in the face and eyes. Capillaries are one cell thick.

Yes, since you're increasing your blood pressure to the point of bursting blood vessels in your face and eyes it could be happening other places too, but the major blood vessels in the brain (the ones you need to worry about when they pop) are much thicker and stronger than capillaries and even if a few capillaries in your brain burst it's not going to kill you.

I wouldn't worry about it. You would need a monstrous increase in blood pressure or some sort of condition that weakened the walls of your blood vessels before you're going to go dropping dead after a set of deadlifts.


it happens to the best of us my friend it's called going HARD


I don't think you will be able to do anything about this. If you let your air our during the lift, it will lessen the capillaries busting, but you risk losing your trunk stability. This only occurs to me when lifting with my contest gear, which is extrememly tight. With regards to disrupting a vessel in the brain, I have not heard of any cases as a result of gear, but certainly if one already has a weakened vessel (i.e. aneurysm), I would think blowing the aneurysm is within the realm of possibility.



I get it from using a bench shirt, and puking from drinking too much keg beer.


Well guys this weekend I had my first meet ever
IPF rules
100kg class (95.4kg)
Squatted 529lbs
Benched 340lbs
Deadlifted 500lbs

I had a 530 deadlift on my 3rd attempt but got out of my groove and the bar dipped a bit. I still locked it out but it didn't count

the blood vessels are not too bad on my face this time for some reason


My next goal is to get Class 1 and do some kind of intermediates competition