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Broken Toe Training

Well, unfortunately I broke my toe (2nd digit) playing football 3 days ago. The bad news is that I have basic training in 4 weeks, which is about the time it will take for my toe to heal.

Running and squatting are almost out of the question for a couple of weeks. I need to stay in shape for boot camp, what the hell can I do? I thought about biking and rowing for cardio. My lifts are all suffering as I find it very difficult to ballance when standing up. This would not be an issue if it weren’t for boot camp coming up in a month. Any tips, tricks, or advice on the best way to stay in shape would be appreciated.

Bro broke my big and second toe pretty darn bad about three months ago I found I could DL still have to stay on heals. Light squat couldnt go to heavy or rep out as id lean on the toes but very good form.

One saving grace was the leg press use it with the toes off the plate you actually cant put pressure on them then other than that man its just finding what doesnt hurt and in your case with boot camp best to err on the side of caution and heal up. walk a lot like you said row things that wont give impact. Swimming may be a huge aid for cariod work.

best of luck,

My metatarsal fracture is still healing now but I was able to do easy squats pretty much all the time. Since you have only a fractured toe and in squats the weight should really not be on your toes you should be able to squat quite heavy actually. You could use the time to do front squats more frequently, that’s what I did. Rowing also works really well.

Good luck with your healing process

Yes and a bonus is if you do have a problem getting on your toes in the squat and DL a broken toe will fix that pretty darn quick it’ll let you know.

Like the above said I could go pretty damn heavy in the squats and mine was a complete break I just couldnt rep it had to do sinbgles etc I tended to get on the toes in reps. They didnt like that one damn bit.,

Odd this thread came up. My lifting partner just fractured his 4th toe last night.

He’ll sub leg press and hack squat machine for his normal ATG back squats and probably won’t deadlift.

He’ll be subbing stationary bike and elliptical as tolerated for his normal running.