Broken Toe And Squatting?

Ok, so I broke a toe yesterday at grappling, it hurts quite a bit when I walk but when I’m standing it doesn’t hurt at all. Would you try to squat if you were in my shoes ?..I’m a real squat addict.

Im on week 5 I think of breaking both the big toe and toe next to it. I eased into it a touch but found I can go fairly heavy 90% or so when it was bad as long as I didnt go for reps doubles etc.

It will really teach you to stay on your heals. If it hurts dont do it. I had to stop lunges tire flipping push ups etc for a bit but squating and even pulling a 610lb DL PR on week 2 was ok.

Thanks Phill, btw congrats for the 610 DL!

Thx good thing is the darn things are just about right. I havent aggrevated them except twice when I decised to try pushups and the big toe just didnt like that. The squats and DL’s as long as form was spot on were/are fine.

They’ll let you know if your shifting to much weight up front for sure.