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Broken Tibial Plate. Recovery and Training

I just got surgery to fix my broken knee (tibial plate 2 fracture)
So far all I know is that I can put weight on that leg for 2 months maybe more but I can move it some.
I have a super team physio/ostheo/chirio but what type of training can I do for now (chest, arms, shoulder,back, core) wiith out useing the leg

So your super team has been very clear on precautions and stuff you shouldn’t be doing at all. If there’s anything that needs clarifying or you have doubts about ask them but you can pretty much do anything outside of their restrictions. For your affected limb do the rehab as prescribed and with a bit of imagination, caution and access to the right equipment you can train the rest of your body.

I will take a bit of time off for as long as I will be on narcotics. I will probibly use machines because my left leg is none weight bearing for 2 to 3 months.
I will get back to free weight when I will be alowed to put some weight on the broken leg.
I am getting out of the hospital tomorrow.
I am 41 and very active, it will be hard to let other run my barn.