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Broken Spine Without Knowing?

Recently I have had this sensation that my ribs are closer to the top of my pelvis than they were in the past. I am attributing this to some fault in my spine causing it to shrink and thus, move my ribs closer to my pelvis. If you had fractured a vertebrae, herniated several discs, and/or acquired a spondylolesthesis, this could be possible.

The thing is that I have not had any back pain or sciatica recently, so I was wondering if you could really fvck up your back badly (fracture a vertebrae, get a spondy, herniate enough discs) enough to make it reduce in height without even knowing you’ve done it? Really my only symptom is this tightness down the FRONT of my body (around lower abs, upper pelvis and lower ribs) - nothing on the back.

I’ve never really done any squats as I’ve managed to build decent quads with bodyweight pistol squatting. Could this have fvcked up my back, seeing as I may have rounded my spine at the bottom? Totally unloaded, though, and I do them off a high box to limit the rounding of the back anyway.

What could have happened?