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Broken Sledgehammer

I was doing sledgehammer on the tire last night and the damn thing snapped. The wooden handle snapped about 6 inches from the hammer. Guess I’ll have to buy the plastic handled one now. This ever happen to you guys who sledge?

For exact fear of that happening, I went with the fiberglass handle.

For about 3 years, I broke about every tool handle at my house (and this was about jr high). Sledge hammers, axes, splitting mauls, shovels, you name it.

This is probably a dumb question, but what is “sledgehammer on a tire”? I’m looking for cardio exercise that doesn’t involve a bad knee, and this sounds interesting.

Two nights ago I was whacking on some large concrete chucks that are in my back yard. After about 2 minutes the concrete shattered and a fist sized piece flew off and hit me in the shin. It’s still VERY swollen, tender, and purple.

All I can say is CONGRATULATIONS!!!

Good job, bud.

Doogie, get some arnica; either oil or a homeopathic gel. In your case, I’d recommend the oil (Gaia Herbs) on a cotton ball, taped into place.

Go to renegadetraining.com and read the articles by Mike Hartle.

Just replace the handle with a plastic one. You can buy them seperately at Home Depot or Lowe’s and that should save you some bucks. Best of Luck.

first the guys medicine ball bursts, now the damn sledgehammer head goes flying off. You guys are just beasts. Thank God no one got injured. laters pk