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Broken Scapula, Damn


Was wondering if any of my T-Nation breathren has ever broken their Scapula. Apearently it only get broken 1% of the time, and then only in horrific truamatic impact sorts of ways. I hit the ground off the Mtb during a race at 32mph

It is the right side, having broken from just medial of the Acromium process all the way down to the inferior aspect. The question is...surgery or not, and what are the best rehab excersizes for it?

Thanks once again to all the great people out there who have helped me put my body back together on
more than one occation, killerDIRK.


No advice, however I've been in some epic mtn biking crashes. Shit hurts!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Were you wearing any protective gear other than a helmet?


No, it was a Xc race. So just the requisite helmet, gloves, shoes and Spandex ; ) !


LOL, shit man I rock the spandex also. It's too fucking hot to wear those fox shorts.