Broken Scaphoid

I have a scaphoid nonunion and am going to be in a cast/splint for at least 6 months. Without my wrist I really can’t do anything upper body, except using my opposite hand. I was thinking I could leg press, use leg machines, hip thrusts, run hills and do most core movements. Is it a good idea to try to strengthen my core and legs while recovering, and if so what could you recommend me doing?

I feel like taking 6 months off would be a really bad idea. Between not really doing much physical activity and being up at school, I could still eat a lot of good food and gain some weight even with my bad wrist.

6 months of strengthening legs and core will also only help me when I go back to lifting with my upper body next year.

I’ve also done some research and maybe the most important part of recovery for this bone is getting blood flow. Basically, getting my lungs pumping would get a better idea than sitting around. Also, for someone like me (6’1, 170), focus on my lower body and core could be a good way to get stronger and especially bigger. That’s where someone like me will see it come first anyways.