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Broken Pinky

I broke my pinky finger last week playing rugby; previously to this I had been doing DC training for a few weeks and was loving it. What do you recommend I do to maintain size and strength until it heals up?

BTW, its wrapped up in a splint.


Don’t limit your calories, make sure you take in plenty of protein IMO. I would imagine doing these thing would help…how long are you going to be out?

i have to have the splint on for about 3 weeks, then i have to go easy on it for 3 more

I broke my thumb playing football and I kept working out with very little problems, it’s a fuckin pinky dude, you barely use it anyways.

Can’t you just work out using machines that don’t require you to use a lotta grip??

hmmm, a buddy of mine just broke his hand boxing… he bought these things to hook onto bars and dumbells so u dont have to grip it yourself… so at least u could maybe do some pulling exercises…

My pinky injury was a lot less nasty than my thumb- you use that for fucking everything.

I experimented with a lot of bars and dumbbells to find what caused pain and what didn’t- dumbbells were fine for bench but straight bar was not and etc. I could deadlift and row pinkyless after 2 weeks or so.

Lift carefully to prevent this from lasting more than it should last.

I broke my ring finger a few years ago playing football. During that time, I invested in those hook things people mentioned. They SUCK! Not only do they bend with any appreciable weight, but when you do slip off, and you will, you will end up hitting your pinky and that throbbing feeling is no dice.

I would make the comment to man up and just keep lifting and you should be able to recover just fine, but I broke mine 3years ago, and after 3 surgeries, the most recent in December, my shit still isnt fixed. I dont know if this is due to teh way i broke it, or if it is due to the fact I was not really letting it heal during that time.

Note: my finger is strong, it just does not have full ROM, i can not straighten it. Right now I am wearing a splint on it 24/7 to try and force it straight and then worry about bending later…

Yeah, do stuff that doesn’t cause pain, and use straps on pulling movements.