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Broken Leg?

I don’t think my leg is broken, but the thought did cross my mind. Anyway, I was playing basketball today and landed on the outside of my foot. I heard a strange crunching type noise. I was scared and didn’t put any weight on it. It was also very painful. It hurt in my tibialis muscle and in my calf muscle. Also, when I try to rotate my foot it hurts and feels very weird as if something is out of place. Any advice would be appreciated.

Go to a doctor.

My God man, go to a doctor and get it x rayed.

If it is broken, and it is not treated, it is possible it can fuse solid. Had a friend who had that happening, caught it just in time before it fused solid. You want to spend your life with a clubbed foot?

go to the doctor

I love when people come on the internet for medical advice.

Go see a doctor.

Similar thing happened to me a few years ago. I landed on someone else’s foot and rolled my ankle. There was a little popping sound and my leg hurt like all hell.

I thought maybe it was just a bad sprain or something… Nope, my fibula was good and shattered.

Get an x-ray…