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Broken Leg, Upper Body Plan?


Hi guys,

As above, broke my leg had surgery two weeks ago, in cast for a further 5 weeks, surgeon gave okay to do some upper body work within reason.

Now I was thinking off maybe doing a modified GVT.

3 days of

I'm not looking to add major mass or anything just some simulation of the upper body and was thinking by doing GVT as I won't have to hop around doing many different exercises. My club gym and training partner would make this work easy enough.

When the cast is off was thinking rehab 3-4 days and Defrancos WSFSB upper body X2 a week. When that's done and leg is all good move onto a one off the many leg specialisation programmes on here.

Just looking for advice or thoughts people might have on this.



I’d do Smolov bench, if you can bench press