Broken Leg Mid-Bulk, HELP!

So, I’m currently 6’0 and weigh in at about 225. I’ve been bulking for sometime now, and my strength has been going up significantly over the past couple of weeks.

That said last Friday I broke my tibula in one place and my fibula in two during a rugby game. Right now I feel incredibly just, ugh…Depressed. I don’t know what to do, I feel like I’m going to lose all of my gains. Can anyone give me some guidance? Some advice? Some suggestions?


That sucks. I tore my ACL playing rugby a few years ago.

Stop bulking. You will not be able to train hard enough to use all the excess calories. Adding fat will not help you.

Heal fast. Rehab as soon as possible but don’t do anything stupid.

Make sure your doctor specializes in sports injuries and treats you as an athlete, not as a couch potato.

Train upper body a few times a week. Get a training partner that will load the bar for you.

Good luck.

Regarding yor depression, I went through it too when I tore my ACL.

I was in the best shape of my life playing great rugby and in an instant I could not walk and I was looking at 2 surgeries and months of rehab.

It sucks big time. Look forward to every training and rehab session. Go at it with enthusiasm.

Talk through your depression with your friends and teammates.