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Broken Leg....How About the Other One?


hey guys

i think i may have broken one of the bones in my lower leg, the tibia or fibula or whatever, though i havent had it x-rayed yet. i have an appointment with the doctor tomorrow to see.

my question is, if it is indeed broken, would it be a good idea for me to keep working the other one with pistols and whatnot? or would i end up with a huge ass imbalance?


If you think you have severely injured your leg seek emergency medical treatment now.

Broken bones can tear blood vessels, muscle tissue, block circulation and cause long term orthopedic problems.
due to improper healing and a host of other problems as well.

If you broke anything I would geuss it was your fibula but a tibia break is possible (You must have an extremely high pain threshold.)

Walking around on a broken leg if even possible is not a good Idea it will only lead to a world of hurt for you.

I Strongly urge anyone who has concerns about their health wether it be injury or other wise to seek competent medical attention right away. And with all do respect other than asking for other people experiances it is not a good idea to be asking opinion about your health on this or any other message board a diagnosis cannot be given online. A well meaning but misguided piece of advised could cause way more harm than good.

As far as working out goes follow the advice of your doctor, regardless of what he says it's all designed to keep you from reinjuring your injured leg which will only set you back follow his directions. If it's broke eventually you will see an orthapedists discuss th workout concers with him/her.

Good luck to you.