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Broken Leg Cycle

Hi guys, yeah I know first post and already posting in the roid department :stuck_out_tongue: …It makes long time I’m here to read but first time to post…So here’s my dilem

In January I got into a car accident and broke my right tibia, perone and ankle…

So I took 1 months completly off the gym and after restart the training session for the upper body only. ( 4 times a week )

I’m 22, did 1 cycle ( a doc followed me with blood test ) , been training since 2001, 6’ 225lbs 14% BF ( with atrophied legs , before the accident I was 240 ) .

NOW’S the big question : If you were me, would you think of running a cycle while training only the upper body ? I know the best would be to wait until I’m 100 % recovered but the doc told me the total recovery time will be of a minium of 1 year + another 6 months to rebuild my walk pattern .

PLease give me your opinions , it will really help me to make my choice.

PS : I think this will be a good opportunity for me to cycle because I will have all my concentration on that. I’m not working so I’ll give a lot of attention to my recovery ( food + sleep )

you would end up way out of proportion. Your upper body would blow up leaving your legs far behind. On the other hand, it would also help you hold onto some of the leg muscle while you are recovering. What do you have in mind for a cycle?

This is true. You’d fend off catabolis, yeah. But realize that as soon as your leg is healed, your body will tend to grow back to its natural size. In this case, it’s specific to your leg. Personally, I’m big on proportions and symmetry. I’d wait.

I was thinking about a bread and butter cycle, really classic but with lower dosage because of my situation !

Week 1-4 : 30mg D-Bol
Week 1-10: 400mg Test Enanthate
Week 1-8 : 200mg Deca

PCT: 500 IU HCG ED during 10 day right the day after last test injection

 20mg Nolva ED during 4 weeks starting day after last test inject

 50mg Clomid during 3 weeks starting 3 weeks after last test injection

Feel free to post some comments and also to destroy my cycle and pct idea :smiley:

Is it possible to do bodyweight squats or is that totally out of the question?

At this moment, it’s out of the question :frowning:

I would drop the deca because it will take far too long to clear your system and you will be left with recovery problems, i think the test and dbol will do the job

I know that it stay in the system in form of trace for approximately a year, but why will it interfer with my recovery ?

Nandrolone was first used to treat different disease like anemia, so if it interfer with recovery, I’m very disappointed !?

PS: It’s not an agression but an important question ?