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Broken Leg + Cycle?

Hey guys,
I recently snapped my tib and fib completely in half in my last MMA fight, end of January (I threw a leg kick while he was covering up against the cage and hit him directly in his knee cap :frowning: bone vs bone and I lost) I had a titanium rod shoved down my tib and I’m starting to walk again (with a cane) the question I have is would a cycle in any way help my recovery and, or would it hurt it in any way as well (I’m not working out the broken leg, just physical recovery for that)
I want to regain the size I had so by the time my leg recovers I can continue fighting at my weight class.

Wk 1-4 Dbol 40mg ED
Wk 1-8 Prop 90mg ED
Wk 9 Nolva 40/20/20/20

Adex is on hand just in case but I’ve ran a half a dozen cycles with next to no side effects besides small balls and a little aggravation.

id say personally heal that injury first then cycle. dont worry about losing weight recovering though cuz its bound to happen. Id say once ur recovered and can train full time again to cycle to help put the weight back on and probably a little extra