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Broken Left Clavicle Recovery

Hi all, first-time poster here.

As the title states I broke my left clavicle, this happened about 6 weeks ago and I’m on the mend. I have nearly full range of motion, but left shoulder is very weak in terms of using it in everyday life, getting dressed, picking things up etc…

I mainly train powerlifting movements, with a focus on strength. Cardio consisted of various types of heavy carries, tire flips, prowler etc…

I haven’t had a workout for about 6 weeks and have not been very active, iv lost a bit of weight, mainly muscle but also a little fat which im happy about! But i need to get back into training as im really bored.

What would you all suggest i start off doing?

Iv already planned out some lower body, lower back stuff that i know i can do that will help with squats/deads when i eventually get back to the barbell.

Would it be wise to train single arm stuff and just build my left side up slowly? I could definitely do single arm dumbbell OHP, single arm rows but i don’t know if ill be making it even more difficult to bring the strength up on my left side when i can eventually use it.

Any help would be great.



A good start but “nearly” means there’s still work to be done. A physical therapist/ physiotherapist should be able to guide you in restoring full ROM but in the end it’s up to you to adhere to an exercise program consistently. Return to activity with restricted ROM and you risk fucking yourself up in future.

A month or two in a sling or splint is a long time and some deconditioning is expected. If you do it right tho function comes back quickly. In time you’ll be hopping back on the gain train and stronger than ever before.

You probably should’ve done something at least. I doubt any medical professional would tell you to cease all physical activity for six weeks.

Bit late now but you could’ve run a high volume leg press routine or some shit and built some huge quads and later make use of those gains in muscle to get a bigger squat (> cross sectional area = greater force production and all that jazz)

See a physical therapist/physiotherapist/some health professional to get a rehab plan.

If your shoulder is still very weak in terms of using it in everyday and does not have full ROM you’re not fully ready to lift just yet. Probably a risk not worth taking.

Start lifting again without involving the injured shoulder outside of prescribed rehab. Luckily raw powerlifting totals are built on squat and deadlift. May have to get creative in your exercises e.g. smith machine squats with one hand on the bar. Nevertheless there’s plenty of gains to be made tho the movements won’t be specific to the powerlifts.

Get the volume in, build work capacity, improve/restore mobility specific to powerlifting and improve cardio e.g. stationary bike in preparation for when you are fully healed (shouldn’t be too long)