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Broken Heart!

Fellow T-men, This is some hard shit to do. I lost my best friend. You know, I write this here simply because we first met do to lifting, that was our biggest object in common, and it was the only reason we even began speaking. He became best of friends and even had plans for our future, he saw all my fights and perhaps was my biggest fan. He died this morning in a car wreck. He promised he would never miss a fight, well I think Im going to help him keep that promise, I really would like to hang up my gloves. I don’t think I have ever loved another man this much besides my GOD, my father, and brother. Tears are not slim right now.

Da Boxer

I’m sorry to hear of your loss, it sounds like he was indeed a good friend. You have my deepest sympathies, Boxer.

My deepest condolences…

Al, don’t hang up the gloves, man. I’ll bet you anything that your buddy would want you keep on keepin’ on!

You mentioned God. Is it safe to say that you might believe your friend can somehow still watch you now?

Don’t give it up, but keep on fighting, both for yourself and him. If he never missed a fight, then you know deep inside he’d still want you to carry on.

Keep the faith, Al!

Im sorry dog. My best friend just moved away with one days notice. He got a job and had to leave. dont hang em up. He wouldnt want it that way. In fact he would probably kick your ass if you did. Stay strong

I remember an old story about a college football player. Not that good of a player, he mostly rode the bench. But his father attended every game.

Well, when this kid’s father died, the coach assumed the kid would be in a slump, and would not want to play. To his surprise, the kid showed up on game day, and suited up.

Near the end of the first quarter, the kid walked up to the coach. “Put me in, coach. I want to play.”

Feeling something big was going on, he put the kid in. And he was amazing. He broke tackles like he was a greased pig. He caught long passes for big yardage, always open when it counted. He even made the winning touchdown running away from the entire defensive team.

When the game was over, and every one was in the locker room clapping the kid on the back for such a performance, the coach called him into his office. “Hey kid, what gives? You were amazing today.”

“Well, as you know, my father died this last week. And even though he attended every game, he was blind. This was the first game he could actually see.”

Keep the gloves.

I’m so sorry, Al. There’s not much anyone can say when you lose someone you love so much. Just know that it does get easier.

Brider…that story got me teary eyed! Great inspirational story.

Boxer al…I am so sorry for your loss. I have never lost a close friend and I can only imagine how you must feel. I agree with just about everyone else who has responded…DO NOT HANG THE GLOVES UP! I can guarantee your friend would kick your ass if he knew you were going to give up…am I right? Hang in there my man. Tony G

All my Sympathies Boxer.

I am truly sad for you right now. Keep strong and keep busy.
I completly agree with mamaan on this one. I think the last thing he would want you to do is hang up your gloves. Like Mamaan said, if you believe in God then you need to believe that he can still watch you right now. I would take some time off for proper greiving and attack it with a renewed ferocity and succeed for him and for yourself.
I’m sorry my friend
:slight_smile: Groove

I can only imagine the pain you’re going through. I’ve always known that either my best friend or I would bury the other, but I can’t imagine what that’ll be like.

However, there are some things to keep in mind, and some that may comfort you:

Everybody else is right - think of what he would want you to do. I can only imagine that he would want you to keep fighting with everything that is within you.

Also, this is kind of weird, but I’ve always wanted my wife to go first, so that she won’t have to bear the pain of putting me in the grave. Take some solace that he’s not the one having to suffer.

Also know that your life was better having known him while you did. Focus on the gift that he was to your life, not the theft that took him away. That’s what he’d rather you do anyway.

I am sorry to hear that your freind died. But life must go on! I think your friend would want that. I don’t think he would want you to hang up your gloves keep fighting for your friend.

Boxer_al you also mention GOD! Ever thought your friend could be watching you fight from upstairs.

Al, that is terrible news. As you can see from the responses a lot of people are thinking of you at this time.
Re the fights, don’t make any hastey decisions right now. I suggest you continue training even though you may not feel like it, the physical output can help in times of stress. You have a lot of friends here and if we can help let us know.

Boxer, I’m so sorry for your loss. Thank you for being so open and sharing your emotions…I hope you find comfort in knowing that everyone will stand behind you, no matter what you choose to do…

 I cant imagine what you must be feeling right now Al... 

 Unfortunately bad things happen to good people.

 You have my deepest sympathies.

I feel for you, bro. This is truly a heart-wrenching time for you. I agree with Hyphnz, don’t make any hasty decisions right now. Be strong, that, no doubt, is what your friend what want. Herc

Fellas, WOW. Though I fell angry and terribly sad, you guys have definately made me feel better and strong. I continued to train despite the loss and thoughts of quitting. It completely makes sense, but deep inside I almost have no will to keep going. I know it will come back, so I’ll stick with it. Hopefully the effects will be reversed and boxing will have a new FREAK. Thank you all, I really appreciate the feedback and show of concern.

Thanks for caring,
Da Boxer