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Broken Glass Shards?

I wasn’t sure to whom I should direct this email cos I really need some advice…I understand u guys are really busy and all but I’m an avid reader of ur site and was wondering if I could get ur opinion…I don’t think it’s a big issue, just wanna be able to sleep better at night cos I’m gettin kinda paranoid!

Last night I tried to open a Sustanon amp (made in India), you know, the ones without the score…did not file it down properly, so when I tried to break it, the break wasn’t clean and bits of glass dropped into the amp.

Didn’t want it to go to waste, so I inserted my 23 gauge needle to draw the oil. After checking the syringe for glass particles (I’m sure I looked carefully), I injected the oil deep into my quads…

I’m just kinda paranoid, cos is it possible that a little piece of glass could have found its way into the syringe through the needle? If it did, is it in my blood stream now and could it do damage or kill me? If I am not mistaken, I injected intramuscularly…am I safe???

I dare not approach a doctor for advice cos I might get a lecture…I’d rather hear it from u guys…

Thanking you in advance…appreciated!


I don’t really have a valid medcial opinion on this, but If it were me, I wouldn’t worry about it. I don’t think you broke the glass into small enough pieces to fit through a 23g needle.

Who knows though, maybe you’ll just die.


P.S. - just kidding :wink:

We all gotta go some time…


I have never heard of anybody injecting broken glass into themselves. The glass itself would have to be in almost a powdered state to go through a 23 gauge needle, and thats fairly unlikely to happen unless you were opening your amps with a hammer. Plus, if you did inject a shard of glass, you’re definetly going to feel it right away. Pressure applied to the area or even moving around would be pushing that glass around and belive me you would notice. I had a pice of glass embedded in my foot once and it was not pleasant. So, if nothing hurts i would not worry.

Justinp, thanks for the advice…so far so good…

How thick are these “Indian Amps?”

One way to ensure easier opening in the future is to use an alchohol pad (sold in drug stores, wallmart, Target, etc.)

Take the pad and run it around the amp at the break zone until it starts to make noise, then open it away from you.

don’t worry this has happened to me plenty of times and i wondered the same thing. i would have been dead 10 times over if that could kill you. don’t worry about it.

Dude, those amps are fuckin thick as…def have to file em a bit…

The only worry you have is the fact that the glass surface of the out side of the amp came in contact with the sterile oil you were injecting. Of course sustenon contains some alcohol perservative that probably killed any germs you would have injected into you, but there is always a possiblity of getting really sick - you could trigger an alergic reaction to test if you continue this unclean practice.