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Broken Foot

Well amongst all the other troubles life can throw at me- I found out this weekend that my foot has been broken. I say has been because I have been playing lacrosse everyday on it for three weeks since the trouble began- why? young dumb and trying to stay strong when our team has been weak.

I am 17 and love lifting- so the one positive side of being done for the season is that I can focus on lifting again.

My specific question is- what can I do for my legs that doesn’t involve standing or too much load bearing. Also I need tips for the lower back.

The break is pretty minor so i can walk around fine. I would like to do my favorites like lunges and deadlifts- but that still would be to much.

Any tips would be appreciated!

I also have a break… or had a break, it healed on its on… the wrong way, so my right foot is permanently deformed, but only slightly. You should try wrapping it very very tightly, so that your toes and what not can’t move very much, that’s what I do. Maybe just try your old favorites, but with super high reps. Don’t know what else to tell you, other than maybe just let your foot heal before you get into serious heavy lifting again. Best of luck.


for legs, i think I will just have to experiment with leg extensions and curls, I will use this hurdle as a chance to experiment with tempo, intensity, and rep set strategy. Lower back - I will try seated or lieing extension type excercises

GHR, leg extensions, leg curls, even some stiff leg deads (based on how a light load feels, judge for yourself).

I suck at goodmornings, so i would work on those since I dont use much weight, but like I said be the judge of whether this is ok or not. pain or poor form means stop!