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Broken Foot

This past weekend, I broke my left foot,and I was wondering what suggestions y’all might have in terms of cardio. Thanks.

For the most part, I say refer to what your doctor says. Most cardio involves the feet except for just using the handles on an ergometer type bike (Schwinn Air-Dyne). How exactly did you break your foot and what have the doctors said so far about putting pressure on it and your physical activity while recovering?

I to broke a bone in my foot earlier this year. I was in a hard cast for about 7 weeks and then in a removeable boot cast for about 11 weeks. I found that I was able to do stairmaster, and recumbent bike without a real pain. Best to check with DR. before any program

Rowing machine. Keep pressure off your bad foot. It’s not perfect but it’s something.

You should check with your M.D. or a sports Dr. for their recommendations. If you insist on performing cardio type exercises I would look at using the rower. You can perform this exercise without too much movement in your legs (limited range of motion) while still getting your upper body involved in the exercise.
I would stay off the foot.

I beg to differ on the rower. With proper rowing techinque, you use your legs a lot. I would check w/ your sports doctor before doing any cardio. But I would agree w/ Stank on the Egometer if you must do cardio.

Understanding that his foot is in a cast I do realize that there will be no mobility from the ankle to the knee. It is however possible to perform a light forward bend and a pull. I have had friends who were competitive rowers perform this exercise when they had similar injuries. They wanted the added core involvement work rather than a simple arm-ergometer exercise.

You still need to push off w/ your feet and ergometer is a tough piece of cardiovascular equipment not simple at all. I guess it all depends on what type of injury you had w/ your foot.

I’d go with Fitone on this one. The ergometer definately needs leg work- PRIMARILY. (Take a look at rowers quads).

If you have done it before, you MIGHT get away with putting less pressure on the one foot whilst emphasising the hips, back and arms part of the exercise (a shorter stroke). However if you have never done the rower before, it’s not an easy technique even with a functioning body. May get you into trouble. SRS

At, least someone agrees w/ me for once. :slight_smile: sighs in relief…

Consider swimming.

Rowing with poor form can take emphasis off the legs, but what's the point? It took me 6 months just to learn to do it right. Keep a single leg in the equation and muscle imbalances will follow.


How’s your right hand? :wink:


Good idea David, IF he can keep the pot dry- that’s gonna be difficult right? Otherwise swimming would be great.

Thitzun- had any more thoughts? SRS