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Broken Foot Workout


SO I've been training for PA's Strongest man for the last month or so with about 12 guys from my school

that came to a sudden hault today when my temper got the best of me and I broke my right Navicular (small bone in my foot)

Now, this is in NO way going to keep me from the gym.

My question for the T-Nation is:

What are some exercises that I can still do without putting ANY pressure on the foot/feet.

Now, I've been lifting for a while and already know of a bunch. I figure by asking I'll have a bigger pool to pick from.



I dont get how you ended up with a broken foot when your anger got the best of you? Did you kick something?

Because if you did, that reminds me of a story from middle school. Our short and fat tech teacher (who had a striking resemblance to mario) was accidentally locked in his office. Had he not been an idiot he would knocked, and waited for someone from the class to come open the door. Instead, he tried kicking the door down. Needless to say, he broke his foot because he was a moron.

Anyway, People say that if you work out your leg (with the uninjured foot) that some of the effort will transfer to the other leg. You could try one legged squats and such. Then obviously, you can keep working your upper body like you normally would.


Yeah, I kicked something. I have a bit of a temper. Something I'm working on.