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Broken Foot - Training Advice?


Last Thursday I broke my foot, there's a fracture in the lisfranc joint. Needless to say, I won't be doing any squatting or deadlifting for about 6 weeks. If it displaces, it'll be months.

I've been running 5/3/1 for the past year and a half, and I love it. Mostly do the BBB assistance and train 4 days a week with the cardio mixed in.

I guess I'm looking for some advice on structuring my training around this. I'd like to continue running 5/3/1 for my bench and ohp, but I'd like to fill in my other two days somehow. Maybe focus on back and core work and possibly extra upper body work, but I don't want to over-do it.

This is the first major injury I've had, so I'm struggling to come up with a plan that doesn't look like $hit going into the gym and doing a bunch of machine work.

Thanks for any pointers/suggestions!


Are you wearing a cast or boot? When I was a bicycle racer I broke my foot in a crash and a few days later was riding the stationary trainer. At first I wore the boot but after a week or so I used my cycling shoes since they were stiffer than the boot. If I was in your place I’d keep up the the standard 531 OHP and BP and just work on extra conditioning, core and maybe some leg extensions and hammy curls.


Train what is trainable.

None of us know what you can and can’t tolerate in training. Spend some time finding out what you can do and then pound the hell out of them. Simple as that. All you need is the willingness to find out what you can do.