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Broken Foot and Growth


Back when I was 18 (half a lifetime ago) I broke four bones in my left foot jumping off a high wall. One of the bones never completely healed properly, though my orthopedic surgeon said it wouldn't pose a serious problem for my training (I was in the Army at the time). At the time I was only at about 150 lbs bodyweight, which my size 8.5 foot was able to handle without a hitch.

As my weight training progressed in my mid-20's, and my bodyweight climbed up to 180, however, there were days when I could really feel that left foot aching. I never took anything more potent than aspirin for the pain, and it never hurt during squats or deadlifts (although calf raises were sometimes a bit uncomfortable) but afterwards it was sometimes so painful it was hard to walk. Kendo practice was sheer hell.

I'm 36 now at a bodyweight of 162, and haven't heard any recent complaints from Mr. Metatarsal, however I want to start putting on some more size again, and I wonder if that damned foot is going to start bitching as I get bigger. I'm taking glucosamine, which seems to keep my tendons and ligaments from aching, but what (short of surgery) would be good to do about this?

Appreciate any feedback you can offer.



I have a (presumably) fractured (and healed) bone in my left foot. It's never been diagnosed, I didn't bother since I could limp forward with. It happened some 12 years ago when jogging. It bothers me a couple of times in a year. I just aches the whole day and walking is painful. The following day is like nothing happened. I have seen no relation to training or anything. Maybe it's just the classical cold and wet weather that causes the ache.

In your case, maybe you should just start your program and see what happens. You said that kendo and calf raises caused problems. Kendo involves radip rushes forward, right? Maybe you could omit calf raises from your program and if you do cleans or snatches, maybe you should avoid raising on your toes.

That's not good news for your calves, though.


That's probably a big part of it. We've got our share of cold and wet weather in Japan, but I think Finland wins in that category! :slightly_smiling:

That's right. You're always on the balls of your feet, and you stomp the floor hard with your right (leading) foot while launching yourself forward with the left (trailing) foot.

It's not, I agree. I do a lot of cleans now, and my program over the next few months is going to include quite a lot of clean exercises: power clean, clean and press, clean-press-squat. I won't omit the calf raises completely, unless they're really unbearable. As I mentioned, it's only when my bodyweight gets up above about 80kg that the chronic pain starts. We'll see how it goes.

Kiitos, Karva!