Broken Foot - 6 Weeks

I’ve lost around 8 pounds of muscle during my swim season, which I obviously wasn’t too happy about, but hey it’s senior year and all. Recently, I’ve slipped off the starting block at a meet and broke a pair of toes so I’m out for six weeks.
I want to take these 6 weeks and go all out on upper body stuff, focusing on getting really good at pullups and dips, adding much needed mass to the arms and shoulders.

I’ve always based my plans off of Chad Waterbury’s total body stuff, so I’m curious about how to go about dong upper body for 6 weeks. I responded extremely well to the 30 day mass plan, to the point where I skipped the off days and kept growing.

It’ll be really tough not doing heavy squats, deadlifts, or even heavy bench presses due to not being able to plant my feet, but I’m sure I could get away with medium load benching.

So, how should I go about this? (all my stuff’s at home)
As far as exercises, the basics would probably include:
pullups(weighed, pronated, supinated, mixed grip, towel, wide, narrow), dips(just weighed here…), moderate bench presses, chest (bench) supported rows, seated front, side, and rear raises, leg raises, seated skullcrushers, preacher curls, some grip work.

so how should I go about this? Please point me in the right direction. I’m going to write up the program in school tomorrow.

I tore my acl last week and so I have been in kind of the same predicament as you. I’ve been putting together push/pull pairs for each day and then hitting biceps/triceps with one exercise every day. For example:

Monday - horizontal pushing / vertical pulling
Bench press without legs
Seated cable flies
Seated db shrugs
Seated db cleans
Skull crushers
Seated incline db curls
Leg raises in roman chair

Wednesday - vertical pushing / horizontal pulling
Seated cable rows
Seated db military press
High pulley rhomboids pull7
Seated bb curl
Triceps extensions with db behind the head
Lateral Raises

Saturday - horizontal pushing / vertical pulling
Seated good mornings
Incline bench press
Chin ups
Seated preacher curls
Seated db shrugs
1-arm motorcycle rows


As you can see, I am forced to do a lot of sitting.