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Broken Fingers Suck


I think i broke my finger playing with my dog last night.
Any suggestions?
I'm not about to go to the doctoer


Go to the doctor.


Then hit a different finger with a hammer very hard. If it feels the same way, it's probably broken. Don't bother with that silly doctor stuff.


go to the doctor


i don't have time for the doc
i think i'm gonna buy a splint
and tape my pinky tomy ring finger
and then i should go pull




Don't break your neck, dislocate your elbow/shoudler, or tear a ligament in your knee.

It will be worse.


JGerman You are a wise man


You could always just chop it off ... this way whatever is wrong with it won't be your problem anymore and you save money on tape because you won't have to tape it anymore ... win/win in my book


Told you to get your finger out of the dogs pooper.

Wait what?


but then there might be a lot of blood, and could get infected, which could ended being an enver larger problem. thanks for the thought, i will seriously consider it.
typing with a splint sucks anus.


Nah man, infection is all psychological, man. Chop it off and rub some dirt on it ... it'll be just like new ...

Seriously, a splints all they can do for it anyways .. hope it heals correctly if it is broken


No, a splint is not all they can do for it. I broke my ring finger a few years ago, all of my idiotic friends and family told me to put a splint on it and it will heal itself. I decided not to be a jackass and went to the doctor, after some x-rays they concluded that 3 screws have to be inserted into the finger as a result of the bone being split. I understand however, that you are just so terribly busy that you cannot take two hours out of your day to get it checked out


I stand corrected...


Your dog is obviously the problem. Shoot the dog and your finger will heal.

If it doesn't then go to the doctor.


yeah, im in the same boat right now man haha, my pinky finger got broken in an MMA Sparring session, so anyway i went to the doctor like 4 days later, and he says its not broken its just the tendon pulled? torn? something like that, (because i cant straighten it, unless i use my other hand) and it will heal by itself, anyway its been 1.5 months now, and its STILL Swollen, so i think my doctor was full of shit, i guess the hospital is the next step...


GO TO THE DOCTOR. I broke a finger on my right hand and thought nothing off it. They 8 hours later I went to get an x-ray because I could feel stuff moving on the top of my hand. The finger was broken, so was the knuckle, and the bone on the top of my hand. Doctor was talking about reconstructing my hand or a broken finger because the knuckle was destroyed.


^ I don't even know what I was trying to say there...god I have to stop drinking


Punching payphones and/or stop signs will do this to your hand.

EDIT: What's a payphone you ask? It is a phone that used to be in public place that acceppted .25$ - .50$ to make a local call. You could even call long distance for extra money.


Wow I can't believe these threads keep popping up. Go to the fucking doctor, if the finger broke and you're VERY lucky it wouldn't have shifted, but if the bone sets wrong and a little chunk of bone which is VERY sharp is sticking out, when you start to use it you're going to tear and mutilate the flesh around it.