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Broken Collarbone & Dropped Shoulder

Hey, so I broke my collarbone 10 weeks ago now. It’s half healed (X-ray shows callous) but still a bit of movement at fracture. Dr said I can Exercise aslong as no pain. I’m back to doing hangs and pull ups at the moment, pain free, but I feel so in symmetrical, my shoulder on my bad side site 2 inches below my other. What can I do to help this? I’m trying to work on more iso exercises instead of bench etc. I’ve also been doing lots of farmers walks, bottoms up carries. Any one else have this problem? And if so any long term effects? I may be able to have surgery jusy need to wait see what surgeon says.


I do. I’ve broken both mine but I just assumed the lopsidedness was just because I was broken lol never tried to do anything about it.

Long term:
More shoulder, pec tendon, and bicep tendon issues than normal. Possible upper chest atrophy.

Respectfully, I disagree.

His body will adapt, as long as he trains appropriately.

No problem, that’s just what I’ve dealt with.

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If your shoulder and arm are “slumped” like lowered and rolled forward it could Totally lead to pec tendon and bicep tendon and shoulder issues.

If your shit is Lowered, I would try some moves that Elevate your shoulder. Like

Y Raises
Victory Raises
Face Pulls

Maybe try a stretch or two to lengthen your pecs/biceps and improve shoulder extension.

Or something to lengthen your lats and improve mid back stability.

Thanks for all the replies so far.

I’ll try them stretches out, hopefully I see some progress.

I’ve been doing facepulls and sword pulls which I’ve found helps my shoulders anyway in the past. I’ve always been doing Andrew locks big 3 shoulder exercises.

I suppose worst case scenario I get it operated on years down the line, but at the moment I have the option, as I’ve already had 7 weeks off un paid I’d sooner not be out for another 6 weeks plus and 12 from the gym. Injuries suck!

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You could also try some 8-10 second Eccentrics or slow slow lowering on some of your lifts. That sometimes you can “feel” what’s not working properly during extra time you need to control the muscle while you’re slowly lowering the weight. Like 4 or so sets of 5-6 reps.

I don’t know about this video or your injury specifically, but these dudes put out some good info.

I would be interested in seeing a static deadlift or trapbar hold from the front to compare the top of both humerus bones and how they line up.
Is your clavicle still attached at the ac joint?

Yup it’s still attached and as far as I’m aware no major damage. I do like my trap bar deadlifts so I’ll get a pic and see what you guys think. When I retract my shoulder it goes back in line, still trying to take it steady as it’s actually not fully healed yet too, been a nightmare injury so far.

Ahh bob and brad, legends! I’ll have a look thanks!