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Broken Clavicle


My left collarbone is broken. It is an old injury and totally healed, but the shoulder end of the bone points downwards and this hampers pressing movements to some degree. There's no pain but I have a hard time progressing with pressing movements, except for the dips. Does anyone have experience with this, or knowledge of witch muscles should be streghtened to give better support for the shoulder?


Funny you should mention it, a similar question was asked over in the Strength Sports section. Good luck.




I actually fractured my left Clavicle playing lacrosse two years ago. To be honest I paid attention to my doctor and trainer by getting enough rest before returning to training both in the weight room and on the field. I was also very stubborn and refused to just be seditary so I introduced weights slowly. I know this is all common sense but like you, I too feel the pressure on my shoulder from time to time with certain exercises.

My clavicle actually pokes up on top of my shoulder a bit. I had to stay away from heavy benching, especially incline and basically eliminated shoulder movements thats werent some sort of raises. From there I reintroduced the pressing movements back into my workout. Good luck and I hope you heal soon.



I have actually just recently included raises into my program and they feel really hard, but nicely so. I see your point. Deltoids can approximatly fulfill the function that the end of my collarbone used to do. Thanks for answering.