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Broken Clavical

The story is two and half weeks ago I had a bad fall and broke my clavical real bad. I have had a plate and screws put in to fix it. The plate will stay in for three months then another opp to get it out. Any one ellse had this done? I so want to get back into my weight training so I don’t get fat in the four months that I have of work so I am thinking give my legs a good going over but what to do to them does any one have any good ideas. I can do most movements but I can use my left arm at all or place any weight on my shoulders.
PJ from the UK

Broke my left clavicle several years ago – split into three pieces. Happened in a mountain bike race. I wasn’t weight training for mass at the time, but I can relate to the problem of “what to do”. I was into triathlon at the time, and it was a year before I could do backstroke without pain. As for legs, you may need to go to leg extensions and curls. Machines may be your only option for a while. I know that the hip sleds killed me, especially the ones where the shoulder stops where the type that wrapped around the shoulder. Just be aware that even leg extensions where you grasp handles will stress the shoulder.

Sounds nasty. Did you end up with plates and screws like me. If so did they take them out when things healed up, so you had proper movment in your shoulder. Do you suggest any sup’s to build the bone back stronger and help with the muscle damage?

Didn’t have plates, but I had to keep the brace on for 8 weeks. Even after 10 weeks, I had trouble bike riding on anything but the smoothest pavement. As for supps, I wasn’t into that at the time, but keeping your calcium intake up will halp. I remember reading about some one that had open heart surgery having their sternum heal in about 1/2 the normal time, and attributed it to glucosamine, but I’m not sure if that’s relevant to structural bone healing. I’ve heard of using electrical impedence devices to aid in healing, but again, not sure if that’s relevant in your case.

I am taking a calcium sup and keeping up my protien intake but what is glucosamine? Tonight I am going to do my first leg work out since the fall.

Busted mine in two places last summer. I had to wear a clavicle splint for about six weeks, but no plates or screws, and no surgery either. I was back running in two weeks and lifting (light) at the end of four. Two months post-break I was recovered. In other words, you have it a lot rougher than I did, and you have my sympathies.

My ROM is unaffected, but it took a while to rehab the soft tissues that were immobilized during the knitting process. It will probably be the same for you, albeit on a longer timeline.

I was able to stay trim by carefully watching my diet and very carefully easing my way back into training as soon as I could. At this point it should be obvious tht your not going to make gains in the gym. Personally, I would just focus on losing as little of what you have as possible.

If you work out in a gym that has machines (shudder), you should be able to find some that you can use. Get everything approved by your orthopedist, and remember that you have a lot of time left to recover. Good luck.

Glucosamine (either sulfate or hydrochloride) is a supp usually for joint health – aids in cartiledge regeneration. Might help with bones, not too sure.

ummm machines are my way forward at the moment I know people hate them but I gota keep moving. My break is only in one place the doc said it would heal with out surgery but it would not heal up correct what with the muscle damage. The plate that has gone in is a new style thing we are trying out here in the UK. I have print outs of the X-rays before and after the opp that I can scan if any 1 wants to have a look.