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Broken Big Toe

So I broke my big toe 3 weeks ago. I shattered the last bone at the very end. Now, I want to get back to some squatting by 6 weeks post injury. I was wondering if anyone has any experience for getting the toe back to business?

If you are squatting right, the weight shouldn’t be on your toes…

I broke my big toe with a 100lb plate(on a squat day)… deadlifted 3 days later, squatted the next week, never missed a workout.

Also, once there was some baby powder on the deadlift platform at a meet and my foot broke loose and slid out. Dropped the weight and it broke all 4 toes except the big one. That was my second attempt. I still pulled a third.

Walking sucks the most, IMO you should have no issue squatting. If you do then you have a form issue, and now is the time to fix it. All the weight should be on your heels.

That being said, I would stay very light so that if you do fuck up it won’t harm anything.

Hmmm my squat technique is very strong not to worry. I am mostly worried about the walk out to be honest. I mean if I can’t walk with bodyweight how the fuck am I supposed to walk out with 100 or 200 let alone 300, 400 or 500 pounds on my fucking back?