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Broken Back Fix, Dead-Squat Bar, No Pain


I posted this in my Indigo log but I thought I'd mention it here in case anyone with lower back problems might be looking for a solution.

My younger brother broke his lower back in three places a couple of years ago. Luckily he had zero nerve damage but he has got screws fusing his lower back together. As you'd understand this injury limits a great deal of what he can do in the gym.

The other day he was over and I was showing him off my new dead-squat bar. I've been trying to get him on a training program but as you can imagine It's difficult when you've had such a bad injury. I told him to lift up my dead-squat to see how it would feel he was amazed he felt ZERO pain. This is a guy who couldn't lift hold anything above 20kg for nearly a year. He couldn't bend down without pain. This just sold it for me beyond belief.

My own personal experience is the dead-squat bar has allowed me to dead lift heavy three times a week without any knee or lower back pain. Something that I could never have imagined doing before. With the traditional dead lift going heavy would kill my lower back no matter how much I kept my form strict. The thought of dead lifting three times a week was just crazy.

Before using the daed squat bar I hadn't attempted any form of the dead lift for 6 months plus. My previous PR was 400lbs for 3 with rounded shoulders. Today after 2 weeks with the dead squat bar I busted out 402 for 6 like it was nothing. Progressing from session to session not week to week A lot probably to do with CNS getting used to movement but still never felt so pain free after dead lifting so much so often. Can't recommend the dead squat bar highly enough.


Ben Bruno has had back and knee surgeries and uses the dead squat bar quite a bit. I also recall that Chris Shugart hurt his back before and uses the dead squat bar a lot.


I'm not surprised. I really can't believe how friendly it has been to my lower back and knees. I've seen pretty much all of Ben Bruno's videos of the dead-squat bar. There great. Tried the dead-squat bar bench press from pins today. Was surprised how friendly it felt on my shoulders.