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Broken arm/wrist

About six weeks ago I broke my wrist when I took a spill on my Harley. I am coming out of my skin with all the negativity towards recovery. I’ve been working out for 20+
years but have never broken any bones. Does anyone have any positive input on total recovery?

yeah i broke both the bones in my wrist and i had to get metal plates screwed into them, i did it running into a tree while skiiing talk about gay, well while it took me a long as time to get the bones healed right and what not after surgery i was able to make some great gains coming back sure you have to play it easy when get back into the gym but after a few weeks youll be able to get back into it just like always least i did, so dont worry just yet you should be able to come back fully and continue to grow i know i at least did, oh and i still have the plates in my arm too

I broke my arm/shoulder 2 years ago when a horse dumped me. The shoulder is 100% now and stronger than my unbroken one. The thing to initially work on is flexibilty. Strength will come but flexibility is something that has to be done early.

I broke my leg right above the ankle playing rugby, and it has never been 100% since because I did not work on flexibility immediately. I still do not have full range of motion in that ankle. I absolutely would have if I had done PT and worked on it. Work on flexibility as soon as you possibly can and you will have full recovery.