Broken Arm - Please Help

Hey guys, just broke my arm recently (right humerous) and I was wondering if you guys have any advice to share on how to properly rehab it. I just broke it about four days ago so I don’t think anything can be done yet, but once it’s out of the sling I want to make sure it heals 100%. Any websites or therapy tips and techniques you can share with me would appreiciated. Thanks.


I think I can help. I used to do rehab for post surgical patients. You wont be able to hold a weight for awhile so you need to keep exercising EVERYTHING BUT YOUR BROKEN ARM. So, do 1 arm bench on the Hammer Strength, curls, tri’s, etc. I would not go for squats since your body will lean due to the injury. Leg Ext and Leg curls or even a leg press if you can manage it. Just dont do anything with the bad hand. Doing this will help speed up your recovery. I know this sounds like a pain, but you cannot baby it. You also cannot be too aggressive with it either.

A broken humerous? Not so funny eh?