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Broken Ankle Suggestions

I’ve broken my ankle ( minor in terms of the actual damage, more like a chip). However, my orthopedist is concerned about the break combined with tendon damage and has me in a boot for 4-5 weeks. Recommends no activity for at least two weeks and then re evaluate ? Can’t even swim.

Any suggestions on how to avoid packing on 20 pounds during the lay off greatly appreciated. I live at altitude and am pretty active so I’m used to eating bigger. I figure it’s calorie reduction but any thing else I should think about? Or should I live with it and try to bounce back after the layoff? Learn to wash myself with a rag on a stick?

Other experiences welcome. I’m also bored out of my mind without activity.

Also my doctor is very good sports medicine practitioner so respect his treatment. He’s saved my knee and shoulder from potential long term issues with his advice.