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Broken Ankle, Can't Train Legs

Nightmare. Broken ankle playing football. Although I’m in too much pain to train anything at the moment, I’m petrified about losing all my gains and want to make a plan for when I’m stable enough at least to do some upper body stuff. How would something like this look?

Day 1 - shoulders / core
Day 2 - back / biceps
Day 3 - chest / triceps
Day 4 - OFF
Day 5 - begin again from day 1 etc

So I’d be training shoulders, back and chest roughly twice a week or every 4 days. I understand that something like a push/pull/legs could be run on the same schedule, but would this be too much frequency and counterproductive? If it looks ok, what sort of volume would you recommend for each workout?

I always want two days between chest and shoulders. Consider an arm day to ‘spread’ the work.

Leg extentions at the shin and leg curl variations? Glute ham raise?

Better than nothing right?

Personally, I’ve always prioritized my chest over delts and triceps simply due to size, and how several of the movements have overlapping muscles being worked. As such, I would always structure my chest first (lotta pressing), with delts and triceps after (I actually like to work delts and tris together).

Your split isn’t bad, but I’d definitely position chest earlier than delts. Also, realize that by training tris with chest, you might feel somewhat limited strengthwise with your shoulder pressing movements.

Also,… broken ankle sucks, but once you’re on the mend, extensions and curls are gonna be your friends. I’ve seen guys train single legs while the other is in a full cast, as well as other serious instances of full bore meat-headism :slight_smile:


Thanks Stu, you’re always a great help. A few guys at the gym have suggested that it might be too taxing to be working the shoulder girdle 3 days straight (5/6 days a week), you’re suggesting it should be ok? What sort of volume per workout do you think would be appropriate? When I’m out of the cast, where abouts would you recommend I fit light cardio in, for example swimming? Right after the weights?