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Brokeback Propaganda


Be aware of the propaganda in Brokeback Mountain


By Dr. R. Winfield

The most effective propaganda comes in under the radar; it's innocuous and appeals to our humanity and emotions. Having studied propaganda and its effects on societies for over 50 years, I can state unequivocally that the film Brokeback Mountain is one of the most blatant propaganda pieces of recent times.

In a society that is purposely and effectively dumbed down, the rarest and most valuable of commodities is discernment. Increasingly crucial, discernment is an attribute of astute acumen, and vital as your enemy uses crafty subtlety. [b]As a people, we have lost discernment.

Logic, rational and intellectual discourse, are shunned from the public square. Feelings, emotional sentiment, and compassion are no longer tempered with intelligent reason. Now truth is sacrificed on the altar of tolerance.[/b]

To even talk rationally about a film like this will endanger one of causing immediate knee-jerk reactions with slogans; "homophobe", "bigot", "narrow minded", etc. And God forbid you dare to insinuate that there is an agenda behind such obvious propaganda, or you will surely hear the two words designed to end all discussion or consideration of facts; conspiracy theory.

Agendas and purposes behind what we are seeing, shall be dealt with, but first, the film.

Yes, I saw Brokeback Mountain, and no I didn't spend any money to support it. An actress friend lent me her "academy consideration" DVD (a crime that in many cases now carries a stiffer penalty than murder).

First and foremost, I've yet to hear anyone mention how boring this film is. It's tediously long and in most parts just plain dull. But let's look at some of the propaganda aspects, shall we?

Indeed nature is beautiful, and its grandeur is depicted with majesty and uplifting music. Great sweeping vistas instill a sense of awe and splendor. It is of course in this setting that the homosexual romance blossoms. But even more significant - this is where the men discuss the deeper things of life, theology, meaning, etc.

Contrast this with the scenes of marriage. Every time marriage is depicted in the film, it is shot in a tiny dark squalid hovel, with screaming children and absolute pandemonium.

The house is a mess, the wife never communicates on any kind of meaningful level. Wives in fact, are portrayed as a constant annoyance, and more irritating than understanding. But children receive the worst treatment in this slanted rant against family. They are usually crying, often two at a time, or smashing things. The general feeling the film presents, is that these joyless hellions are an intrusion into life, an encumbrance and a terrible burden.

[b]Making sure it drums in its message in no uncertain terms, the film keeps switching back and forth between the two contrasts. The great outdoors, wild and free, close to nature, close to God, close to hot gay sex without any negative consequences.

Back inside the dark little messy box of marriage, with horrible in-laws, demon spawn children, berating nagging wives, endless pressures and even the loveless, passionless sex has hanging over it the dread of producing more parasitic offspring.[/b]

Special note must be taken of music and lighting, how they are carefully manipulated to accentuate these contrasts in the manner outlined here, bringing a much deeper impact of the propaganda message. Marvelous tools, music and light illicit strong emotional responses which can penetrate the subject to effect his or her core values.

The use of props in the juxtaposition of images adds power to the medium. [b]There is a scene where the Heath Ledger character is saddled with his wife and children, struggling among the crowds to watch the fireworks. The opening shot depicts husband and wife, each with a child in one arm, and great square bags full of baby necessities in the other hand.

The construction of this frame is identical to the earlier shots of the pack mules heavily laden with similar square heavy supplies. Marriage has turned him into a beast of burden, a theme reinforced throughout.[/b]

Another common theme these days, is of course portrayed in the film - that of religious intolerance. Remember, the wilderness loving gay fellas are close to God, out in the high places, whereas the church folk are depicted as spouting "hellfire and brimstone".

The film also shows two horrific murders, and the connection is not lost - it is precisely this type of religious thought that contributes to this sort of bloody violence. The implication is, and this is the very strength of propaganda, if you are in anyway opposed to two men "loving each other", then you must be for brutally murdering them. Do you see the way these things are subtly implied? Just like, if you are not for abortion, then ipso-facto you must be for the murdering of doctors who perform them. This is one the objects of propaganda.

The reduction of a critical argument down into well-drummed slogans, therefore removal of discourse, then total polarization of advocates and detractors into radical extremes. Of course this fits perfectly with the method of those purveying propaganda, as they have chosen Hegelian dialecticalism to divide and conquer you and I.

Earlier I mentioned that the homosexual sex was portrayed as without negative consequences. Some may take objection to this. You might say, what about the violent deaths, how can you say without consequences? [b]Think about the film again.

The violence is presented not as a result of the sex, but rather the result of a backwards people, mindless ignorant hicks, who's judgmental religious intolerance killed those beautiful martyrs.[/b] See how they work it?

The film preaches quite a lot about sex. Man's "need for it" is apparently only surpassed by his need to breathe oxygen. The lies they told about fishing demonstrate that gay sex was even more important than food. Of course the Jake Gyllenhaal character, when deprived of this vital necessity, has no other choice than to leave his wife and child and search out Mexican male prostitutes.

When even this leaves him unable to find enough "manlove", he's forced to lower his standard and carry on an adulterous relationship with some woman he has no feelings for - all perfectly justifiable because the evil society is hindering the two gays total access.

So what about the "love", is this really a film about love? Having spoken to a lot of women about this film, I can tell you, they think it is. Oh, it's a true love story. A married woman told me, Because it's about two men it's much more interesting, a man and a woman would be banal.

What's going on? When a woman tells me it's about true love, I ask her how she knows that. They don't have much to say beyond what the film presents. When informed of the statistics that the majority of male homosexuals are the single most promiscuous segment of the world's population, having more anonymous sexual partners per year than any other group, these women shut down. Oh I'm not interested in the real gay sex, I just like the love story, one told me.

Oh, so you're Truthophobic, I said. You see, the facts, statistics, recorded data on a subject are not important, in fact they are rather a stark reminder of something we'd prefer to ignore. Truth is something we want to completely tune out with our escapism, hence fantasy is more to be desired than the mundane existence of reality.

The promotion of gay men to women has seen a real upswing in the past 10 years or so. Every sitcom has a funny gay character, and of course he's the funniest, least inhibited and most able to communicate with women. Queer Eye For The Straight Guy tells women that gay men are superior to the knuckle-dragging neanderthal you have at home.

When the Queer Eye fab five went on Oprah, normal housewives screamed and swooned like schoolgirls cheering rockstars. But the agenda goes deeper - the plan is to get women interested in gay porn as an addictive and isolating tool of division. Sex In The City shows women sitting together giggling while watching gay porn.


The author goes on to cite how in Japan, a multi-million dollar subculture trend (called yaoi) is targeting teenage girls to lure them into gay pornography through cartoon comics involving valiant, handsome men.

The trend baits young girls into experimenting with their own sexuality at a young, confused stage through bisexuality and lesbianism. The author predicts that this trend will continue even into the Americas as men and women quiet down for the sake of wishing to remain "politically correct" and fearing retribution from the [b]all-tolerating yet hypocritically intolerant[/b] sectors of our society.

Whether that happens or not, I now believe Brokeback Mountain is in fact priming the American public towards a hidden agenda. I never planned on watching the film in the first place, but for those who do, take heed of the author's message and the reaction of the undiscerning, unsuspecting, sentiment-driven American public.

I sincerely respect the vows of marriage, true love, God and His everlasting commandments, as well as my right as an American citizen to participate in an intellectual discourse regarding controversial themes. This Dr. Winfield fellow is one badass dude in my opinion. I also liked the phrase he coined - "truthophobic". Too many people are truthophobic these days. We need great minds to keep speaking their minds.

Peace be with all!




C'mon dude. This is pathetic.


ARGH, we must recover these values we have lost through lack of piety. The answer is clearly a resurgence of Christian fundamentalism...oh wait, did you say logic and rationalism? Never mind.


Have you actually thought about this post of yours here.

That doctor is a fucktard. I havn't seen this movie and I don't plan on it. When there is something I don't like, I avoid it. I don't seek out lunatic articles by Dr's that have clearly been huffing mass ammounts of their own ether.

So with this logic every romantic movie with straight people is a propaganda film trying to discourage homosexualtity. Come on buddy. This Dr clearly uses his bible before he uses his brain and you agree with him. WTF!!!

The crap this guy talks about sounds like basic film making technique that is in most movies.

I wish you christians would try and keep your beliefs out of the lives of other people.

You know who else hated and persocuted the queers? The nazis.



Where is this article from?

Or would that admission impugn the author's authority moreso than his poor logic?


Sounds like you're a little gay for this Dr. Windield.

"badass dude". hmmmmmm. A Freudian slip. Mentioning his ass, then using a cowboy term to identify him.

I bet you got a bootlegged copy of Brockback under your mattress.

Self loathing gays are the worst kind of gays.


You guys sure jumped on the extremist bandwagon pretty fast... Nobody said anything about killing homosexuals - I'm definitely NOT a proponent of that. My thing is, all of a sudden people want to nominate this movie for an academy award, despite how boring it may be, simply because it's got two gay guys.

My take home message (from what Dr. Winfield reported) is that certain staples in the moral fabric of our society (like marriage, faithfulness, responsibility to family & children) are being torn stitch by stitch and people are cheering and applauding without thinking, "[i]hey, what are the implications of this movie and why the f*ck am I really clapping?

Is any one of these guys truly a hero, or rather an adulterer, a dead-beat dad, and even a sexual predator whose lust knows no bounds?[/i]"

The morals of society seem to be fading away in my opinion. So much support for the film and the characters despite the corruption they committed - all for the sake of promoting a homosexual theme. I doubt any popular movie critics would have the balls to diminish the film for its cinematography - that would be politically incorrect.

And for the record, I'm not denying that propaganda doesn't occur in heterosexual romance films, I simply wanted to say be on the look out for it in this one.

Peace be with all!


Have you seen the film yet?


i'm not going to see brokeback mountain.
i'm not going to read your post either.


The good doctor's description of the movie's depiction of marriage - "messy box of marriage, with horrible in-laws, demon spawn children, berating nagging wives, endless pressures and even the loveless, passionless sex" - sounded like a pretty accurate.

I mean accurate in the sense that it sounded like my experience of marriage. I don't need Brokeback Mountain to remind me of that.

By the way, I don't know what they say these guys were cowboys. When I lived in Idaho, we called guys who herded sheep sheep herders.


I believe that the doctor's "article" and likely your subsequent interest in promoting its message completely reveals the author and yourself as extreeeeeemely paranoid!

The film was fantastic -- a true tragic love story.

Have you ever stopped to think of what a ridiculous notion it is that some large mass of powerful people out there have an interest in seeing all people turn gay?!?!

You are what you are man -- I could watch 24 hours of gay porn for goodness' sake and it could never do anything to test my naturally occuring heterosexuality!


In Idaho, what did they call guys who rode in the rodeo? Because both lead characters did a little rodeo riding (a little bit of that is shown in the movie). I'd say that makes them cowboys.

And on a different note, what kind of person judges a movie he hasn't seen?

Seriously, to the guys who are really bugging out about gays... it's too bad you are so insecure about your sexuality. If you weren't insecure, then what other guys choose to do sexually wouldn't be such a touchy subject. Maybe you should get some counseling?


Still don't want to tell us where the Doctor's article is from, eh?


Titanic - 11 awards
Forrest Gump beat Pulp Fiction
T-men don't care about awards and popular movie critics.

Clint Eastwood has been an adulterer, and a sexual predator in many films. I don't see you trashing his films.


i saw the movie, and the bit abound the kids is simply not true. ennis (heath ledger)'s daughter is portrayed sympathetically, and both jack and ennis stick up for their kids in different scenes (anybody who screams at his father in law to turn the tv off during xmas dinner has my vote).


I don't really care about the politics surrounding this movie. I'm Canadian. Gay marriage is legal in Canada. And I am happy for that. The United States can deal with gay marriage as they see fit.

But how can YOU possibly say Brokeback Mountain is a boring movie? When did you see it?

Have you heard of a website called Rotten Tomatoes? Rotten Tomatoes gives a 'tomato rating' to a movie, based on how many positive reviews the movie has received. Brokeback Mountain is given a tomato rating of 86%.

Of 195 reviews for Brokeback Mountain, 168 are positive reviews. I guess 168 respected movie reviewers were sucked in by the propaganda of a boring movie about two gay guys.

Brokeback Mountain is Oscar nominated in the categories of: Best Picture, Best Director, Best Actor, Best Supporting Actor, Best Supporting Actress, Best Adapted Screenplay, and Best Cinematography.

7 Oscar nominations. That is pretty good for a propaganda filled BORING movie about two gay guys.

Do us a favour and STFU until you have an opinion of your own.


I worked in a restaurant once. Does that make me a chef?


Uummmm one other thing... Do you even know what cinematography is?

Cinematography: The art or technique of movie photography, including both the shooting and development of the film.

Sooo cinematography has nothing to do with political correctness.

Let me refer you to part of the original article by Dr. R. Winfield:

This quote refers to the cinematography of the film Brokeback Mountain. "Beautiful", "Awe and splendor." Sounds like Dr. R. Winfield actually enjoyed the cinematography of this film. Not bad for a BORING, propaganda filled film about two gay guys. I guess Dr. Winfield will be rooting for Brokeback Mountain in at least one category at this years Oscars.


Listen dude. I have a strong faith in god and his works. Religion is where I develop a problem. Do you think that people are gay against God's will, and that there's nothing he could do about it? Think about it. All things happen for a reason and all things exist because God allows them to. Period.


-God has a plan for us all and we all interweave together in that plan

-God has a reason for everything

-God doesn't make mistakes


-God's plan includes the homosexuals

-There's a reason he allowed homosexuals to come into this world

-God doesn't make mistakes. Period.

To think that anyone, including the homosexuals, could do anything but god's will is vain indeed.


Judging by the responses, most people who responded to this probably also believe 'Christmas Trees' should be called 'Holiday Trees'.

The reality of the matter, speaking out against a film that is that controversial could be figurative suicide. The author is right on track suggest that terms like 'bigot' and 'narrow-minded' would probably used if someone of high celebrity or politcal status was to speak out against it.

Because society says that it is right DOES NOT mean that is is morally right. I can go to China and set my female babies on mountain tops to die and be perfectly accepted in that culture. Does that make it right? No.

If you think culture makes things right, then why the hell did we go and stop Hitler from murdering those Jews? According to most peoples logic nowadays we should be 'tolerant'. Just goes to show the hipocracy that permates the fabric of my nation.

The very morals of our nation are falling apart, we are falling prey to political correctness. It is common knowledge to most, that if you criticze Gays, Blacks, Mexicans, etc, you will burned at the stake. Even if the criticism is legitimate, including issues such as welfare, abortion, involvment in Iraq.

This Dr. brings some legitimate, and some far fetched material to the board, but it does sound like BBM clearly glorifies homosexuality and infidelity.

It is my firm belief that homosexulality and infidelity are some of the most disgusting acts a human being can commit outside of murder or rape. Both acts suggest that we are animals and cannot control our carnal impusles.

But then again, if any of you read Sarte, he believes we are free creatures. We are 'condemned to be free'. Bad faith is a phrase coined by Sarte and it suggests that we are causally determined as inanimate things and that therefore we have no freedom and are not responsible for our lives. Most people dwell in 'bad faith'.

I have not seen the movie, nor will I. I do however have an opinion, it stinks like all others. Anyway, this is a charged post so shoot away.