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Brokeback Mountain


I just have a question for the ones that have seen this movie. Is Jake Gyllenhaal one of the gay cowboys in the movie thats involved in the gay makeout scenes?


Yup, his is. And he was thinking of you to get it up. That makes you gay too. Super Gay.

Watching Spider-man won't make you a superhero. Watching this movie won't make you gay.

I don't even want to see this movie, but that's because I have too many samurai flicks to catch up on. And when I'm done watching the samurai flicks. I won't be a ninja. It's tragic.




Don't listen to him! He's part of the gay conspiracy, trying to recruit young hotties like you into the gay movement!


The movie did provide opprutunity for some great gag gifts over the holidyas, namely certificates I created saying my brother was a member of the Heath Ledger/Jake Gylenhall(? on spelling) fan club, and a notice that he would get advance tickets to the sequel of the film, "Reacharound Ridge."


I want to go see this, just so I can say it was a peice of shit and everyone will think I'm a big gay-hater.


I'm gonna use that as a pickup line sometime.

"Hey baby, y'know, Jake Gyllenhaal thinks of me when he masturbates."