Brokeback Mountain: The Director’s Bulk

W13D4: Press

Press: 1x3@160/2x2@165/3x1@175, 135x10/2/2 RP
DB Bench: 75x8/8/8/7
Rippetoe Extensions: 95x12/12/12

Time: ~50:00

Didn’t feel great, but got all the required pressing done. I would NOT have guessed that a 10-year old Mark Rippetoe video would end up becoming my favorite tricep accessory, but here we are lol


TPWiaB W13D5: Chin

Chin: 4x3@67.5, 25x9/2/2 RP
Snatch-Grip Shrugs: 225x10/10/10/10/10
Cable Curls: 115x10/10/9/7/6

Solid session. Got a job offer that makes a decent back-up option of what I’m aiming for (internship with my county government) doesn’t pan out.


TPWiaB W13D6: Squat

Zeno Squats: 335x6 (PR)/3/2/1, 285x6
Leg Extensions: 230x8/7/6
Ham Curls: 170x8/7/7

Video speaks for itself


Nice work

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  1. damn good work on squats, of all your lifts, the gains here seem the most impressive to me.
  2. I still haven’t read that book, it’s one of the few lifting classics that I’ve never taken a look at. Will be interested to see your right up.
  3. there are only 2 types of people in this world. People who put beans In chili, and people who are wrong.
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OMG :astonished:


I know I know, shame on me


Yeah, squats have been coming along really well since I started the Zeno/DE combo for them. And in turn they seem to be driving my deadlift up too.

And you should definitely read the book when you get a a chance (sounds from your log like you’ve been well-occupied this weekend though lol). Lots of good stuff in there.


TPWiaB W13D7: Incline Walk

Incline Walk: 45:00 @ 12% @ 3.5 MPH


W14D1: Bench

Bench: 190x8 (PR), 145x14/6/3 RP
DE Press: 10x2@105
Pull-Ups: 10x5@12.5

Time: ~0:40

Accidentally did pull-ups too heavy last time, so that was fixed. Solid session all around.

Edit: found a photo back in my mass-monster era a couple years ago. Distinctly remember collecting my award in the singlet to “show off my quads” lmao


Well done


TPWiaB W14D2: ?

DE Box Squat: Warm Up; Abort

Walk: ~ 3 Miles
Bike: ~75 Minutes

Left hamstring/adductor was giving some pretty big warning signs with the empty bar. Took like 10 minutes to try and warm it into workable condition, then just decided to do tomorrow’s work today and see how this feels tomorrow. Annoying, but better than injuring it (assuming it isn’t already).


great call

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Great call. Biking + taking a day loosened everything up enough to do my DE work, and meant that I was in the right place at the right time to do the goblet squat challenge and win a T-Nation shirt.

TPWiaB W14D3: DE Lower

T Nation Goblet Squat Challenge: 95x25

DE Squats: 10x1@225
DE Pulls: 10x1@295
Pull-Aparts 20x13


Good job, keep working on these grades and powerlifts

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TPWiaB W14D4: Press

Press: 1x3@165/2x2@170/Singles @ 180/185/185, 135x8+4+3 RP
DB Bench: 75x9/9/8/8
Rippetoe Extensions: 115x8/5/4

Missed the last single in this workout last cycle, managed it this time with five extra pounds because everything was moving so well. Really happy with how my press is doing.


TPWiaB W14D5: Chin

Chins: 70x3/3/3/2 (Goddamn it,) 25x8+3+2 RP
Snatch-Grip Shrugs: 5x10@245
Cable Curls: 115x12/12/11+5+4 RP

Fell just short of sets across on chins, which is annoying, but triples at 70 still matches a PR while at a higher bodyweight. Should hopefully get it next week.