Brokeback Mountain: The Director’s Bulk

TPWiaB W2D6: DE Squat

DE Squat: 15x2@215
Pull-Apart: 15x10
SL Back Extensions: BWx14/12/11/9 (Hands on Head)

Not too much to say. Solid work today.


TPWiaB W3D1: Press

Press: 1x3@160, 2x2@165, 3x1@170
DB Bench: 85x8/6/5
DB Incline: 60x10/7/10
Pushdowns: 145x12/11/9 (Maxed out machine)

Doing this ahead of the cardio that was supposed to be done today, because I’ll have another bike ride tomorrow. No clue why this pushdown machine is twice as easy as the Bama one, but I felt like a badass repping it out strict lol. First time I’ve maxed out anything, so that’s cool.


TPWiaB W2D7: Easy Conditioning

Incline Walk: 15:00@4.0 MPH@12%

Super quick morning session, will probably bike again this evening.

Edit: Got in the ride. Probably 12-ish miles.

Haven’t talked much wrestling in a while, but just found out that Spencer Lee got upset in the national semifinals. Probably the single biggest upset in college wrestling since Gable went down in 1970. It’s a shame he couldn’t be a 4-time champ, but if Matt Ramos can pull out a win in the finals then he’d be a contender for the best national tournament run in recent memory.


TPWiaB W3D2: Chin

Chin: 4x5, 1x4+1 @ 55
Power Shrug Drop Set: 455x5/365x10/275x12/185x20
Cable Row: 175x10/8/7
Hammer Curls: 25x20/20/20/17/15

Not the PR I wanted, but a win’s a win. The bar here is a lot thicker than the Bama one, and my grip was slipping on the last set, so I missed the last rep I went for. I’m going to start chalking up to use this bar going forwards (I go back to Bama tomorrow so it’s a moot point for now). If grip keeps being an issue it would be easy enough to add some barbell holds (maybe with fat grips) right after the shrugs. Besides that, solid work, and I’m confident I’ll get this next week.


TPWiaB W3D3: Squat

Zeno Squats: 275x12 (PR)/6/3/2/1, 225x12, 15 Deep Breath Rest
Leg Extensions: 200x10/10/8/7
Seated Leg Curls: 130x14/11/9/8

Walked to the gym in a sweatshirt, forgetting that it would fuck with the lever belt’s fit, so I wore it under the sweatshirt/right against my skin, which pinched the fuck out of me lol (Edit: now a 3”x1” red/black bruise on my gut). I outright missed an 11th rep at this weight the last time I tried it, so to handle it like this and still have another rep or two in the tank is solid progress.

@T3hPwnisher That’s 3 rep PRs in 3 weeks of Zeno squats - thanks again for putting the idea out there. I’m excited to see how far I can ride it.


So glad it’s been working for you dude! It really is magic.

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TPWiaB W3D4: Easy Jog

2.5 Miles in 22:02 (8:50 Pace)

Not at all difficult cardio-wise, stopped before my shins got pissed. Ignoring that as a factor, I could probably hold this pace for >6 miles, and plan to try doing so at some point. Just a couple DE days between me and a testing/Deload week now. I think I’ll work up to a single for my squat and chin, hit my top set as planned for my press, take the accessories easy, and keep the DE days more or less unchanged.


TPWiaB: W3D5: DE Press

DE Press: 15x2@105
Pull-Ups: 16/13/12/11/10/9
Push-Up Mech. Drop Set: 33/9

Some quick, solid work. Earned a 100 on two separate papers that I did right before break - one for intro American politics, one for public administration.

I’m honestly sort of curious if my work being this easy is a me thing, an Alabama thing, or an undergrad thing. Time will tell, but I’m enjoying it while it lasts. ¯\(ツ)


Good job

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TPWiaB W3D6: DE Squat

DE Squat: 15x2@215
Pull-Aparts: 15x10
SL Back Extensions: BWx15/13/12 (Hands on Head)

Solid work today. Pretty much certain that I got a 96 & a 100 on my two tests today - one MCQ covered a lecture that I missed because I had left for the airport and had to get notes from someone else, but oh well. Solid chance it gets curved back up anyways.


TPWiaB W3D7: Stair-Climber

5/4/3/2/1 Minutes @ 100 SPM /
2.5/2.1.5/1/0.5 Minutes @ 60 SPM

Breaking news: this still sucks.