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Broke Second Vial of Test Mid Cycle

In the middle of a 12 week test e only cycle and second vial of test broke on week 7. Was pinning 200mgx2/week and haven’t been able to pin for 9 days now, new vial took longer than expected to come in but I can pick it up in town on day 10. Would injecting 600mg or so for first pin help make up for dropping level of endo test or just cause my levels to fluctuate more and potentially cause issues. Need feedback ASAP :grimacing:

Just pin as normal. It’s not that big of a deal.

I would like to say tho and this goes to anyone who reads this. Plz always order more gear then what you need. Mistakes happen, life happens, crazy shit happens. Be prepared.


Zeek’s right…just continue to pin as if nothing happened.

It probably won’t matter muchPersonally I would inject the extra amount. The total over the entire cycle will average out, and you will have taken the same amount as you originally had planned.
It depends upon how you react to testosterone. Do you suffer from balding, acne, gyno at your regular dosage? If you do you might get a bit of a spike, but it should average out by the end of the cycle.
Another alternative is to inject your regular dose, but extend the cycle for an extra week.

Being that it will be around day 10 after your last shot, all if the built up half lives of the prior shots will have discapated. You are right at the time frame of almost being ready to PCT. Basically your levels will be like you are starting the cycle again. If you are worried about it just double dose. That will get you back up to levels very close to what you would have been at if you never stopped pinning. They will still be lower but not by a significant amount. So if you are worried about it just double dose then go back to the original pinning schedule. There is definitely no need to triple dose.

I think I’ll go with this and do a slightly higher doseage but take some nolva alongside my ai of aromasin 12.5mg EOD. I’ll extend the cycle one or two weeks to make up for it and I won’t need to rest of the vial for a long time so I might as well use some of it right now

Will do I’ll up the dose and make sure to add nolva as well because I am sort of gyno prone