Broke My Toes - Rehab Ideas?

OK, so it’s been a while since I posted but I wanted to ask for any helpful ideas or advice from people that have been through this -

Backstory - last Tuesday night I was doing a chest/back workout split when I was unracking someone else BB to get at a 45 lb plate… in my rush to get it I forgot the smaller 25 lb plate in front of it. The plate went straight down & landed on my left foot. My foot went cold & I tried to go back to my workout but the pain started to creep up & I thought to myself “F*** this, I must have really screwed myself up” & got a ride to the emergency room.

7 hours & some x-rays later the diagnosis was a broken big toe & the two beside had two breaks - the doctor taped it up buddy style & sent me home saying that toes cannot be casted… 6 week minimum rehab time.

So, my question is, where do I go from here? I’m already doing the RICE treatment (rest, ice, compression & elevation) but any of you guys have any more treatment/rehab advice? Anything positive or personal experience would be appreciated.

And to the other posters replying - yes, I was very stupid to do this but I am trying to get past it now.

Ever since I started lifting this was one of those “rookie mistakes” that even experienced lifters make when they’re rushing…usually it’s a 5 or 10lbr. Sorry to hear it happened to you.

I broke my Left Big Toe a few weeks ago, besides keeping them taped up an still; wear shoes are not flexible.Stiff soled, was the recommnedation i got, that way it’ll keep your foot still an not bend as much @ the joint. Some docs might recommned one of those giant boots, to imobilize it but as my doc said, it’s just an added expense, where as you can just wear stiff soul shoes.

This leaves out wearing Chucks for squats/deadlifts for me, urgh!! it’s a pain to lift in stiif shoes but really helps w/ the stability.