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Broke My Nose Snatching

My coach is always telling me to keep the bar close, let it ride up my thighs and stomach. I have been putting a lot of effort in using my lats more to accomplish this when snatching. So Saturday he was haveing me do some power snatches and i was really concentrating on keeping it close. And when people concentrate they tend to look down.

I brought the dang bar straight under my nose and broke that joker, bleed like crazy for about 10 min. The hit was so solid he laughed and said “Hit your chin huh?” I was like no man that was my nose then he saw it was streaming blood.

Get this First warm up set FIRST REP!!!

That sucks.

I have come pretty close to smashing my nose when doing power snatches in the past.

After hearing your story I think I will be a bit more careful when snatching. I lift in a crowded commercial gym, so breaking my own nose would be pretty damn embarrasing.

Great I was supposed to power snatch tomorrow now I’m going to be paranoid!

[quote]dfreezy wrote:
Great I was supposed to power snatch tomorrow now I’m going to be paranoid![/quote]

I do full snatches tomarow O_O.

imagine if u did it eating pussy…

[quote]Xen Nova wrote:
imagine if u did it eating pussy…[/quote]

then it wouldn’t be in this section! 0.o

I’ve seen people nick their foreheads or just graze the nose, but never break it. That’s gotta be a shocker.

now, real question, finish the workout without problems?

Yeah i finished the training session. I didn’t think it was broke at first. I also hit a pr on both the snatch and clean.

What an idiot. You’re a real jackass… not posting a picture!

good thing I snatched today and won’t remember this tuesday when i snatch. I did just about knock myself out though, doing clean and jerk. I cleaned the bar and dipped to jerk it and on the way up hit my chin.

hahha i’ve done exactly the same thing latenight_lifter. I dropped the bar, stumbled to a bench and took a couple minutes to regain my senses.

This thread is useless without an accompanying link to a YouTube video of the snatch in question.

I fell on my ass twice already while squat cleaning. But the nose thing would suck.

But, I don’t think it is as bad as using a suicide grip on bench and having the bar fall on you.

As a fellow recipient of a broken nose, make sure you straiten your nose and make sure it sets in the correct place and that you can breath through both nostrils right after it breaks.