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Broke My Fibula - Now What?

Long story short - playing softball Friday night as catcher, tried to block plate on guy coming home, his head hit my right leg and fractured my fibula. It’s a clean break but the bone did not shift out of position. I have a splint now and will try to get an appt tomorrow to get a cast. I was told to stay off the leg for 6 weeks.

I will talk to the ortho about how soon I can deadlift & squat again. I know I can still do upper body workouts but will have to do them all seated (except for chinups – I think I can figure out a way to get up/down w/o using my broken leg).

I’m mainly concerned about what to do with my lower body. Should I work my 1 good leg? Do things like hamstring curls & light leg presses?

I did Cressey’s Max Strength program in the spring and got quite a bit of single leg work such as 1 legged squats. That should come in handy regarding general mobility. I wonder if I should go back to those exercises.

General prescription I’ve heard is to work the leg that isn’t hurt. There’ll actually be some carryover of the training effect to the unused leg, which will speed rehab once the cast is off.