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Broke My Collar Bone?

I got hit in a hockey game this weekend just right so that instead of seperating my shoulder again, I broke my collar bone. Lucky, I know…

So that puts me out of my lifting routine for 6 weeks minimum. My questions to T-Nation, what exercises am I able to do? The only ones (resistance) I could come up with were lighter weight leg presses, seated calf raise. I suppose I could do nonresistant good mornings and squats also so I don’t lose my form.

This seems to be a fairly common injury, so does anyone who has gone through this, or any shoulder injury, have any tips on rehab?

Thanks in advance!

Get a hip belt and do hip belt squats. I can’t think of anything else you’ll be able to do easily.

When you are under 45 there should be no problems with the ossifying. Just relax and do something else for the next 4 weeks; walk, read, go to movies, rearrange your stamp collection. If everything goes fine, you should then be ready to start with light push-ups with your knees on the ground and/or with light dumbells. What you have lost strenghtwise comes back really guickly. Don’t worry about it now, do it later if you find out that the broken bone has altered your biomechanics in an unfavourable way.
Good luck.

sorry for the thread hijack, but i figure there might be other guys out there who might be in a similar situation.

i broke my collarbone 6 years ago, and now when i do weighted dips, i get a soreness. it feels better if i pull down on my arm with the other hand and stretch my neck out the other way.

i guess i’m ultimately worried about it snapping or something like that if i dip with too much weight.